Here we go a’wandering

Leaving butterflies behind
Tudor buildings
Mangos, goblets
Man goes
Globlets of spit on pavements
Black and white crossing
Men in black playing chicken
White cars join the club
Picnickers bathe on blankets, in the sun
Poets abound, notebooks in hand

Cigarette smoking bus drivers
Stranding their passengers
Red, red, yellow
Brown, cream, green
Unseen behind trees
Fittings of light, unlit
Book-filled building
Lego mania
Fountain spray with chlorine stench
Arses sitting on bus stop bench

Empress of London
Awaiting her fare
New road layout ahead
Ticket-giving lady in yellow
Shouldn’t have left your car there

Flattened bluebells
Once bold, now old
Food for bees, blossom on trees
Balls bouncing, lollies licked
Humped back lay rifling the bin
Makes park bench her home
Lying, crying, blanket-covered
Shaded from the sun

Pointed spires, towering cranes
Cuboid structures, sculptured fag end collection
Within the biggest ashtray in the park

Green-topped clock tower
Half-past three
Ding! Dong!
Disembodied voices echo from another block
Privet hedges, spiked chains
Quartered rose gardens

Oh!  Black pole of guidance
Show me the way to the
law courts, hospital… anywhere nice?

Mushroom-topped trees
Puzzlingly purporting to be of simian origin
Dogs blindly leading the blind
Acorns on pillars
Beatniks in blue
Paint my nails uniquely
Cut my hair in the urban trend
Designer coiffeur
Brings me back to the butterflies

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