The name’s Sack, Goldsack

An irate lady called me today
To ask why I didn’t want to play
Her game of email ping pong

I asked her how I could take part
When I didn’t know how to start
She told me I was wrong

She said that she had served the first
And waited patiently, then cursed
When I had gone to ground

I checked my box, then checked again
To see if I had gone insane
But nothing there was found

It wasn’t that I wouldn’t play
The emails had all gone astray
Because of my surname

I’m, very simply, Jane Goldsack
Not Goldman, Godsack, sock or stack
Now let me join the game

She rang again to say, “I’m sorry”
I politely told her not to worry
And she was off the hook

The misnomer was no big thing
For, according to TV Licensing
I am Jane Goldf*ck

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