Train Gates

Argh! I missed a day! But I have a good excuse – I was making a new WordPress site for a writers’ group I’m a member of.

To compensate, I’ve written something other than a haiku 🙂

I stood by the crossing, waiting.
The train went past, fast.
I felt something akin to…
… something… within
I couldn’t put my finger on it
Sent me into a hypnotic trance
My body into a narcotic dance
The surge I felt was gleeful
I started to feel needful
Of a voyage to the coast
With a locomotive host
I’m not a train spotter, but there’s nothing much hotter
Than a journey on a train to send endorphins to my brain
You can sit and you can stare, without a worry or a care
Leave your problems far behind and forget the daily grind
Then the rail gates lifted
And my frame of mind shifted
To my journey ahead…
The one I’d take instead
My mood began to slowly drop
As I arrived at the bus stop
I stood in the shelter, waiting

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