What’s happening?

I’d quite like to know what others think of this – the last part of my earlier poem, and the tanka that followed.

Do the two contradict each other?  I know the answer (because I wrote it), but what do you think?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I think of you all, one by one
My flock of men; birds of a feather
Six individual entities on their own
Making one whole, when we come together

The NaPoWriMo Tanka

Five men of my world
Challenges on a lifepath
Learned great lessons
I extend my gratitude
Without you, I would not be

8 thoughts on “What’s happening?

  1. Not quite. I’ve been having trouble explaining what I mean by the last two lines of the main poem as I keep getting into a muddle and making it complicated. Once I can find words to simplify it, I’ll post (will work on that). 🙂

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