Unconditional Love

There will never be one to match him for unconditional love
Others have tried before and since, but he was a cut above
No matter what I did or said, the twinkle in his eye
Told me he cared enough to let my peccadillos by
(Of which there were many, incidentally)
He would always look at me intently and occasionally frown
One look was all it took for me to know I’d let him down
Yet, still, he’d hold me to his heart – tell me all would be OK
Sometimes, he’d even shed a tear and look the other way
No man has ever measured up, nor come anywhere near
Maybe that’s why I changed my men every other year!
Searching for someone just like him, the perfect ideal
Now I’m older (and wiser?), I prefer to keep it real
The memories are kept alive through eyes with rosy tint
Eyes that reflect his gaze at me; (I have his cheeky glint)
It’s ten years now since he left the hole that nobody can fill
Dad, I miss you every day; no doubt I always will

RIP Dad Ten years
Ten years

5 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. No, but it does heal mainly. It’s the birthdays, anniversaries and other poignant dates when it all comes flooding back (and random ones that come at you out of nowhere!). Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. I now have to go find some Jack Daniels to raise a glass or two (tradition) x

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