Rusty Cage

You can buy me diamonds,
you can speak your sweet words,
but you can’t buy my love –
that needs to be earned.
You can give me things;
what I long for is time.
You can spend it on others,
but you’re wasting mine.
My life is my own
and I’ll do what I do.
Now the end has come –
it’s me, but not you.
So, pack up your troubles
in your old kit bag.
Kiss the house goodbye;
drive off in your Jag.
Hurry on back to momma –
she’ll cook; wash your clothes.
She’ll do all the things
that you yearn for the most.
I’m through with being
your surrogate wife
while you sow your wild oats –
this is no kind of life.
I’ll be fine on my own;
absolutely, I’ll fly –
Caressing the moon
and touching the sky.
I’ll be free from this cage
that’s gilded with nought
but a coating of rust
and nerves that are fraught
by the games that you play
when you think I can’t see.
I’ve got news for you – don’t
underestimate me.
I am strong; I’ll survive
on my faith in above
and a heart that I’m saving
for the truest of Love.


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