Poor me!

An ‘oldie’ 🙂


“Please help me”, he cried,
and I stood by his side
“Help me, then help me some more”
I let him offload;
his problems so flowed
until helping became just a chore

“Why do you not help?”
His voice was a yelp
“I cannot until you decide
to take some advice
and not even think twice
about dropping your ego and pride”

He looked quite perplexed,
and what happened next
was bewildering to say the least
He fell at my feet
and continued to bleat
of the troubles he had with his ‘beast’

“I’ll say just once more
before I turn a bore
You must drop your pride or face the fall”
Yet still he could not
understand what he ought
And he hammered his fist through the wall

I looked and then sighed.
Could I still be his guide
or must he abide with his lot?
I was keen…

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