11 thoughts on “Hen Do Haiku

      1. It was actually part of a challenge quest all the hens were set. This particular challenge was to acquire a condom (unused) from a stranger. I actually failed. Whilst he did get down on one knee and propose with said condom, he refused to part with it, saying that he might need it later!

  1. Lol! That was a fun read. It made me recall my first marriage proposal at age four.A boy I never saw before or after came to the door with his mother’s diamond bracelet and asked. I said that I had to ask my mom. Mom sorted it out from there.

    1. And that reminds me of the time my brother posted my Mum’s engagement ring through a neighbour’s letter box in a bid to woo an older woman. He was only about 8 at the time. The older woman was our babysitter 🙂

      At least you got diamonds!

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