Cold Nights

Ginni bites!

Its the way you shake your head 

When she tries to stroke your hair 

As you dream 

The disgruntled twitch  

Where fingertips skim bare skin  

The nights that once held you entwined  

Now force her adrift 

Where once you lay open 

Inviting her head upon your chest 

These days 

Replaced by a cold shoulder  

Your heartbeat sheltered  

Away from her ears 

Back to back  

She struggles to feel your warmth 

Yet in the clear daylight  

You ponder why she has grown cold 

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6 thoughts on “Cold Nights

  1. There once was a girl named Bridget
    Who once really liked to spoon it
    But suddenly she changed
    and like frozen rain
    rolled over and told him to chill it

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