An elaborate hoax

They’ve just been the victim of an elaborate scam;
a bizarre social experiment to test their gullibility.
They followed, like sheep to slaughter.
I watched in disbelief.
It saddened me.
What do you mean, I’m too cynical?
It was obviously a hoax, wasn’t it?
Surely you can’t get no satisfaction
from gaining via manipulation?
OK, so I’m cynical.
It just doesn’t feel right, doesn’t sit easy.
I make my own choices
when the time is right for me.
don’t try to tug at my heart strings
or turn things into a sense of duty.
I’ve been manipulated by many in my time
and I now react strongly; battle against it.
It’s not for me to feed egos;
that would be destructive on my part,
and that’s not what I’m here for.

2 thoughts on “An elaborate hoax

  1. It could be better to have 100 followers and 10 likes a day then 5,000 followers and 100 likes. I think it’s better to have engaged readers than mindless followers. I don’t appreciate the scams either 🙂

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