Options Open

He wants a wife, but not a bride.
He says he wants her at his side,
yet cannot bear to full commit;
his options open, the size of it.
She cooks his meal and washes clothes,
goes out to work, provides the most,
has little time for own endeavours,
hopes this way won’t last forever.
But will she wait for heart to break,
when another his love doth take,
or loose the chains that bind her tight
set free her wings to win the fight.


I couldn’t commit.
Kept my options open
knowing that some day
I would change;
my wants, my needs
unsated by another.

Please don’t commit to me.
Keep your options open.
Some day,
distracted by another,
a new ember
may spark your fire

Don’t make the same mistake.
A misplaced sense of loyalty
is not becoming.
Let us not be bitter,
wasted, while we wait
for a sweeter taste
of ‘The One’ we thought we were.

We sense our familiarity
growing contempt.
We wonder where our passion went.
Do not commit to me,
as I could not commit.
Kept my options open
so that I could love you.