Paws for a while

Sunday morn lie in
Bored puppies ate cardboard box
“Get up, Mum and Dad!”

Release of the hounds
Eight paws pounce and faces licked
Trampolining fun

“Get up, Mum and Dad!
There’s a shredded box to clear
and we need walkies.”

Cerulean Skies

Cerulean skies rise above peacock and sapphire seas
Milky washes lap on southern shores
Pups play on buttermilk sands
We hold hands
Snuggle up against the ocean’s bite
Until we run out of poo bags
And have to call it a night

Walkus – For Dad


Vega: “Dad! We made new friends!”
Haiku: “There was Saffy and Basil…”
Vega: “Don’t forget Gunner!”

Vega: “We saw Sammy Pom”
Haiku: “He looks like a small lion”
Vega: “He remembered us!”

Vega: “Saffy barked at us!”
Haiku: “Basil bared his teeth at us!”
Vega: “Gunner… I’m in lurve…”