Cat in a box

It’s a little bit funny; that feeling inside.
Where once you cared deeply, you’re now taking pride
in your dignity, patience and, even if still,
you express words of pain, this is just overspill
from a time when his actions and words cut your heart,
whereas now, in reality, you know it’s his art.
You can see where he’s at, for he’s just a man,
he thinks of himself, as only man can;
forging on without thinking of who could feel hurt;
he’s a cad, he’s a bounder, irrepressible flirt.
The problem is yours to deal with as you can.
Do you ride on the waves or wash off your hands?
Step back to move forward with strength in your soul
to consider the path to your ultimate goal.
Destroy all you have through the she with green eyes
Carry on in acceptance, look up to the skies,
with one head in the clouds and the other in sand,
a cat in a box and your suitcase in hand.
Should you open the box, see if dead or alive?
Either way, you know deep down that you will survive.
Hey! Hey!

Picture credit: Stack Exchange – Physics