Up and Down

This one is the equivalent of babble – written very quickly whilst very tired.

When she felt down
She needed a happy face
To put her in a better place
But his empathic soul
Fell down with hers
They both ended up
In a place they didn’t want to be

When he felt down
He wanted to see a smile
A cheerful grin to beguile
But her melancholy gaze
Fell blankly upon him
They both ended up
In a place they shouldn’t have been

When she felt down
She needed a pick-me-up
An overflowing cup
Of saccharin sweet nectar
Poured all over her
But she ended up
Bringing him down with her

When they feel down
They need to get a grip
Force the coin to flip
Paint themselves a happy hue
Be the MEs they need to be
To lift themselves up
Find their own space and place

Be With Me

Shake off the burden of your toil
Walk with me in pine-sweet forests
Follow me down to the river
Bathe with me under the moonlight
Embrace the passionate soul within
Glide with me on silken skin
Let the waters of peace flow through you
Give yourself to me; to the universe