Tea for Two

Tea for two.
Let’s not get started on numbers again
Although ‘for’ and ‘two’ are, together, the answer 2 …
I said, “Don’t get me started,”
which, in fact, is incorrect, as I actually said,
“Let’s not get started…”
but let’s not get pedantic either.
Back to the poem…
Tea for two
Stop it!

Tea for two.
Black and white
on white with black.
No sugar, please;
I’m trying to lose some weight.
Although, the tea leaves say,
I should try a slice of
magnificent pie…
or two.

Two Hearts Beat

Originally posted on Graeme Sandford:


Two heart beats
As two hearts beat
In synchronous time
Together in more ways than one
could imagine.

For an instant
For all time
Fortune tellers
Fore-tell rhyme
and reason
For a woman of the moment
And a man for a season.

What all this means
I haven’t a clue
It’s just letters to words
And sentences
From me to you –
And when my sentence is due
to be passed
Let me be judged fairly
Let me be
And I shall
Until then
Be here with you.

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I await a word…
or two – or, better –
Three is the magic number.
Four is too much to ask;
wherefore, I would respond,
as one would, with one.
Which one? Too telling.
Day to day, my one is two;
the dark, the light,
the me to you,
the me for you.
One, two, three, four,
five alive are we.
To be, or not to be, six, in two.
Can you see the rainbow?
Can you hear the music?
Can you feel the energy?
The pot of gold; the sands of time –
in harmony.

What Rosie Did

Whilst holidaying in the Land of Corn
We left the cat behind
She cannot swim within the sea
For that would be unkind
She cannot walk along the prom
Or sit whilst we are dining
The pups, however, bound with us
(When not incessant whining)
I miss my little pussy cat
I’m sure she’s won’t feel hurt
For while she isn’t with us
Half of her’s on my T-shirt
I left it lying on the bed
And on it, she – demure –
must have laid her pretty head
And gifted me with fur

Fell Down Silver Mine

I fell down outside the Silver Mine
whilst window shopping.
It wasn’t the best place to leave a big rock –
between the window and the door –
quite shocking!
There’s no major harm; no cause for alarm,
just a bruised knee and a few broken nails,
and, for them, a lack of sales.
Because, whilst tempted to enter to buy a shiny cat,
my fumbling tumble put paid to that.
But, it’s early days of this holiday,
and the shop is quite close by.
Perhaps if I focus on spatial awareness,
I can give it another try… tomorrow

Short and Sweet

Cute Puppy

Keep it light and cheerful
My brain can’t cope with stress
Don’t air a public grievance
Of how your life’s a mess
Be strong and take some action
Retain some dignity
Even just a fraction
Would mean much more to me
Share with me sweet stories
To make me laugh and smile
For then I’m far more likely
To tarry for a while

Squeeze Me, Please

It’s amusing to muse
as the poetry flows
Appealing to peal
as I ring out my prose
Enchanting to chant
as the mantras I call
Alluding to lewd
as inhibitions fall
Amazing to maze
sometimes twisting and turning
Licensing senses
as I feel the yearning
To riddle or rid
the thoughts tumbling round
Playing with wordplay
as feet leave the ground

Grateful for Grae
(although he’s absurd)
Appreciate his precious
encouraging word
Shower him, to show
for a special birthday
I present this present
and whisk him away
to a castle to cast
away all of his stress
Swearing to wear
my sexiest dress
Squeezing closer to Squeeze
on an Atlantic shore
with a doggerel dog
and another one who is rather scruffy and eats poo,
but who we adore nonetheless.

Happy (early) Birthday!

Let’s get this road trip on the road.