NaPoWriMo: Day One

NaPoWriMo 2013 was what brought me to WordPress. I used all the prompts and, from Day 9, linked it all together to make a rather bizarre story. If you dig far enough back on here, you’ll find it. I didn’t get around to participating last year as I was holidaying in Australia.

I’ve decided not to go with the set prompts this year, and have chosen to use a random word generator instead.

I’m also only going to write tankas, as I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have free this month.

Today’s generated words were: pepper, hanger, string

Words in formation
Thoughts, like string, unravelling
Flowing to the page
Peppered with bare emotions
They create a masterpiece


I couldn’t commit.
Kept my options open
knowing that some day
I would change;
my wants, my needs
unsated by another.

Please don’t commit to me.
Keep your options open.
Some day,
distracted by another,
a new ember
may spark your fire

Don’t make the same mistake.
A misplaced sense of loyalty
is not becoming.
Let us not be bitter,
wasted, while we wait
for a sweeter taste
of ‘The One’ we thought we were.

We sense our familiarity
growing contempt.
We wonder where our passion went.
Do not commit to me,
as I could not commit.
Kept my options open
so that I could love you.

I’m not ready to die

Life, like the seasons, is cyclical;
a circle of growth, life, death and suspension.
Did I mention I’m still growing?
I’m at that mid-point between spring and summer
New buds appear from here and there.
I take care to nourish them; to help them blossom and bloom –
their beauty to share with you… and you.
It won’t be long, and yet too soon, they will wither.
I will drop my guard and fall.
My limbs will start to ache and yet… behold!
Autumnal leaves of red and gold will blanket the forest floor –
crisp for a while; underfoot percussion to our leisurely meanderings
until the rains turn all to molten mush and cold creeps in.
Come! Hither!
Put your arms around me.
Hear how the branches crackle?
How the trunk stiffens; held firm in the shackles of winter?
Blustering winds may rally to tear me apart, but I’m not ready to take my final breath.
Whilst a part of me cannot evade this thing called death, I will rest for a while;
let glistening snowflakes adorn and fire-breasted birds alight.
Offer myself to the elements as I lie dormant… still…beautiful.
Nature will work her magic and I will spring back to life,
to sparkle in my newly sown gown of peridot, emerald and jade.


With thanks to Felicity of Dark Night Chronicles for the prompt.

I didn’t see it coming
New romance
Deepest earth shattering connection
Rubber and steel bonded our lovemaking

We didn’t see it coming
Steel and rubber
Not of the kind we’d shared with passion
A monster from the dark
Descending upon us at speed

You didn’t see it coming
Your splintered bones now lie beneath a mound of earth
Robbed of life and still
I live
With broken spirit and shattered dreams

I didn’t see it coming

Spectrum Plectrum (Rainbow Beat)

Jane Goldsack:

A little ditty for the rainbow people :)

Originally posted on MoonRox:

A song for all the rainbow people; musicians, artists and healers, to name but a few.

A true collaboration for me and my friend, Paul, after we met up for the first time in 32 years and came up with this psychedelic anthem of sorts.

Spectrum Plectrum (Rainbow Beat)

What’s the definition of a rainbow beat?
Get up and dance, put some colour in your feet
Listen to the spectrum plectrum play the guitar
Open up your rainbow heart

Look at little Harold singing in the street
Singing for his supper, with his parakeet
They’re the nicest couple you could ever meet
Because they’ve found their rainbow beat


Sally’s got her sketches laid out in the street
A carnival of colour in the noonday heat
Her picture’s tell a story that is oh, so sweet
Because she’s found her rainbow beat


There is a reflexologist whose…

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I can dream

I dreamt last night that I was a luddite;
that all my clicks were stiletto heels on parquet flooring,
leaving their mark like eager fingernail trails down your spine,
as we danced to our tune.

I dreamt last night of universal blackouts;
the only light from candle flames,
with reflections of the satellites and stars in our eyes
as we shared a celestial experience.

I dreamt last night that you and I put down our weapons of mass distraction;
took a moment to be in the moment.
Sat beneath the forest canopy and listened to the midnight choir
of bird and beast.

Awoke this morning to reality.
Alarmed by phone and tablet taunting.
Drawn to electronics that haunt like a disfigured crack whore who’s just found her spoon.
Number-crunching at first light.
Checking your score for
The knight was gone too soon.
Replaced by a backlit face.
Man becomes machine.

I dreamt last night that I was a luddite.
I clicked my fingers…
and I was gone.