The Wanderer

I saw you. The other day.
You didn’t see me looking;
didn’t know I was there.
I watched as you enfolded her –
kissed her neck, then her lips.
I stood, teeth and fists clenched.
My thoughts ran. Who knows where?
I tripped. Stumbled.
Tumbled in a downward spiral.
Whirling against the wind
as the storm rolled in.
Black clouds on my horizon.
I can’t see the sun for the downpour.
I saw you. The other day.
You didn’t see me looking.
I wonder.
Know all; yet say nothing.
Keep the upper hand
as yours wander.


I knew from the moment I met you
That you’d be trouble
When I looked into your eyes
You gave me a look to let me know you felt the same
That you knew I’d be trouble, too
Yet each of us knows it’s not meant to be
A look and a cheeky smile is all we have
Anything more would be too much trouble

4am Musing

I get up to protect me from my own thoughts, which come as sharp-edged boxes marching towards me in military formation; each one dropping into place, robot-like,as they assemble into their final positions.

I am slightly off-centre in a Rubik’s room.

Everything and nothing

You were everything
You were nothing
You were the one
You were the none
You put me in my place
I placed you on a pedestal
You took my place
When I rose above you
You placed the rose betwixt my swollen lips
I spat out thorns amidst the petals
Petulant, thorny, horny mutterings
Squirming, worming my way in
Warming your cool demeanour
A warning to the men who are
and nothing

Icicle Tears

Perhaps now is the time to let go
While you yearn for another’s lips
What’s said cannot be unsaid
Once seen, the words echo round my being
A reverberating, aching sorrow
And something else…
A love so deep that I won’t keep you from another
Take your leave to be with your lover
Following your heart and dreams
Your path, it seems, may not be the one we chose to walk together
Strewn with golden leaves
Hewn with fallen, icicle tears